We’re end-to-end partners, providing smart advice and vital connections at any stage of your development. We work with you to realise the opportunities your property or potential acquisitions present.

Omni can help identify new site opportunities, or provide recommendations based on your existing ideas.

Not every potential development site is created equal. Before you sign on the dotted line for a new property, we can help check how it stacks up. This can include reviewing high-level planning rules, local infrastructure, the shape and size of the site, as well as likely uses.  

If you have a trickier site that presents unique challenges, that’s not a problem. We can connect you with one of our planning partners to provide you with in-depth guidance.  

It can be easy to rush things when you have a great idea. We help you do the proper diligence prior to making a purchase — it’s critical to protecting your end outcome.

Even the most established developers can benefit from an objective point of view. We can offer a range of advisory services so you can sense check your planning, identify blind spots and derive more value from your planned development.

Checking site services

Unsure if your site’s good to go? We can establish whether you have the required power, water and waste services in place to progress your plans.

Checking for overland flow paths

Need to understand the lay of the land? We can have your site surveyed to understand the way rainwater will flow and how that will impact your development.

Units per site assessments

Is your site best suited to townhouses, or something more densely developed? We can assess the optimal number of units for your site and the financial scope of your development.

High-level feasibility

Have a development vision but don’t want to overcommit? Talk us through it and we can interrogate your plans and assess their practical and financial feasibility.

Partner with Omni to get access to some of New Zealand’s most influential development and funding partners.

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Been there, done that? If you’re an established developer wanting a development partner who can free up your time, add value to the process and keep things moving, let’s talk.

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