We’re end-to-end partners, providing smart advice and vital connections at any stage of your development. We work with you to realise the opportunities your property or potential acquisitions present.

Omni can help connect you with experienced design professionals to help you bring your development vision to life.

Even if you have a clear vision for your development, you probably have a day job that keeps you busy and no time for getting into the nitty-gritty details.

What you really want is experienced professionals who do this sort of thing day in, day out, and can help you avoid going down the wrong path or wasting valuable time and resources.

Omni can connect you with the right professional team who will help manage and deliver your project through the design phase and into consent. That way, you can be sure that the vision you have matches up with the development you get.

Partner with Omni to get access to some of New Zealand’s most influential development and funding partners.

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Been there, done that? If you’re an established developer wanting a development partner who can free up your time, add value to the process and keep things moving, let’s talk.

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