We partner with emerging and established property developers at every stage of the journey — from enabling lendability to maximising profitability.

Omni Development Partners provide advice and guidance across all scales of property development, whether you’re a seasoned professional or making your first moves. By establishing an ideal profit margin from the beginning, we help safeguard your financial goals throughout the property development process and ensure key decisions are made to protect them.

Our services are truly end-to-end — we work with you to identify the best opportunity for your property or potential acquisitions.

Our services

We know where to look, what to look for and what you should be paying. Finding the right site is a fundamental first step and it will impact on every stage of your development — and your end profitability

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Having a vision is one thing. Knowing it can be achieved is another. Our expertise and experience will help you establish whether the development you have in mind is truly feasible or a costly dead end.

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Great design injects even greater value into a development. We can connect you to partners who understand how to derive the most value from a development through a well-designed solution.

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Building projects can become complicated, fast. We can offer advice and support on how to find a trustworthy construction partner, how to manage a successful project and how to avoid common pitfalls.

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Partner with Omni to get access to some of New Zealand’s most influential development and funding partners.

Our partners
Stellar Projects
Mt Hobson Group
Lateral Partners
Merx Growth
Square Tomato
Reesby & Co

Projects we’re interested in:


Townhouses are a great way to develop existing residential land. We remove the old house and build new, fresh, insulated houses for the market. If your site is right this can be a great way to develop.
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High density apartments developments can be complex, but they also offer a significant return if developed right. We can help you explore what is possible and profitable.
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Capitalise on your ambition.

By providing honest and approachable guidance, Omni gives anyone the confidence to create a successful property development. We will connect you with the right people, who can help you bring your vision to life.

Development can be complex, but it doesn’t need to be opaque or daunting. We’re always ready to listen to your vision, explore your challenges and offer advice and guidance on your journey.